After a long time, I painted again.

15 - Maják a rozbouřené moře

It took a lot of effort and sometimes people ask me how can I be so patient. But my answer is always the same. The result itself is just worth it 🙂

I like this painting a lot. It has a different mood than the previous ones. And you can feel it, too. Kind of gloomy and mysterious. The strong wind is playing with the ocean and waves. The sky is angry, the clouds are moving fast forward to be somewhere else.

And there is a big question in this painting. What’s the purpose of the lighthouse?

But that’s up to you ;)…



8 thoughts on “#15 – The Lighthouse and the Stormy Sea

  1. I hope I won’t get shot at for this, but while you have definitely captured the mysterious (the dual shadows of the lighthouse are an excellent touch), I think the gloomy eludes you. I think it’s the sky – your cloudy blue sky is a bit too bright to communicate gloom. Perhaps have some dark storm clouds gathering or simply a sky that’s darker than the ocean ( I thought of dark, naked trees as well but that may be too cliché). When I think of gloom, I imagine something ominous.

    If I’ve offended you and you feel the need to exact revenge, please direct your ire to the comment section of my blog. I like your painting and I look forward to your future work.

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    1. Why would I shoot you for this? I know that the internet is a harmful place sometimes. But this is your opinion and you see things differently than I do. I think that’s perfectly fine 🙂 I’m not mad or anything and I don’t think you offended me in some way. And I will not definitely write you something horrible. I don’t spread hate, I try to do the opposite 🙂

      Thank you for your comment. Your point of view is very interesting 🙂 Honestly, the painting isn’t perfect, and I have still a long way in front of me, so your tip is good for the future work 🙂 I promise I will try harder next time.


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