“What is behind it?” I ask eagerly, like a little child who longs to discover something new.

“If I tell you, everything will change,” says life.

I look at him confused and in disbelief. “What do you mean?”

“When I open it and you enter, I will never be the same again. You will have other things, you will meet other people, and your journey will change direction. And it can be very dangerous.”

I’m beginning to think about the actions and the consequences, but then I answer… “But you don’t know that, do you?”

It seems that life himself is at an impasse. Neither does he know what will happen. He is in it just as bad as me. Eventually, I decide and make a suggestion.

“What if there was something incredible and beautiful waiting for us? What if we both changed into something more? What if we both got better?”

Now, life is thinking. He is confused, anxious, and frightened. I feel it, I see it. But then I take his hand and look into his eyes.

“Whatever it is, we will do our best. If we are together, we will manage it.”

Support, trust, hope. These we need most. Our purpose again makes sense. Finally, life smiles at me and opens the door. We both enter, and a new adventure waits for us…

Is it a story? Is that real? It depends on each of us to find out…



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