Another painting, but another bad result of my idea.


I don’t know, it’s one of those paintings “I’ll take two steps forward and three backward”. You may see it on the mountains, that I tried to do differently again. And that’s the reason why they aren’t so visible.

Although, this painting isn’t so much about the appearance, but rather a reflection of how I feel lately. You can see a chaos (the clouds), restlessness (the trees and the flowers) and the main motive (the waterfall) probably speaks for itself.

The moss on the rocks represents my state of mind, which is now suffering from something similar. My life (the rocks) is full of troubles and they’re covering the sunshine, which is upon me. Happiness is held outside, I am hidden from it. It gets to me through a few places.

“The mirror of my soul” – another name for this painting. It has already left my home. Don’t worry, for a good and meaningful reason 🙂 It’s interesting how each opinion is different. I think it’s ugly, but it’s beautiful for somebody else.

So this is not just a painting of nature, but it has in itself something from me. My difficult place in life, my feeling of frustration and sadness, my hope and wish for harmony. And that will always be in the painting whenever I look at it.



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