This time, I wanted to try someone else’s idea again, and I added a few new things or rather let’s say techniques. Again, I do not think it went according to the plan and expectations. Judge for yourself.


I don’t know why I am so bad at smaller canvas (it was another piece of 30×30 cm). I did my best, seriously but I wasn’t able to “live” the painting. I wasn’t able to connect with it… Does that make sense? I was really in the mood for painting, I was enjoying it as always, but I wasn’t and I am still not happy with the result. At least you can see that no one is perfect.

Even though this painting troubled me a lot, more precisely I was kind of disappointed with it, I gave it to someone. Or rather when my boyfriend’s mom saw it, she wanted it immediately on one of her walls. That really lifted my mood and the whole “I am painting” thing.

I know I am at the beginning and I shouldn’t have such high expectations, but is it wrong that my mind sees it in a certain way and then I end up with this? I am not saying that it’s not fair, I just want to be good at it. And this painting isn’t very convincing.

But that’s my point of view.



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