I had some time to paint again, and this arose from my next effort and idea.


This time, a smaller canvas (30×30 cm) didn’t work out somehow gloriously, at least what I think. I needed to cover those bad mountains, so that’s why there are so many things in front. But the bushes, the tree, the river, the sky and the strange black line showing the bird aren’t too bad. True, I forgot about those strange-looking flowers that added a bit of color. I tried something new and it failed, too.

The painting was again for my boyfriend, who will have soon a small exhibition at home 🙂 But at least the walls won’t be as empty as at the beginning.

I don’t know why but the painting is funny and relaxing in some way. Even though it’s not the best one and obviously, it’s from a beginner. But who cares 🙂 I love it anyway and that’s why I posted it here.



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