Days and nights passed and you walked the forgotten land by yourself. Impenetrable darkness surrounded you, the cold was clutching you with its firm grasp, the harsh wind was blowing into your face, the howling of wolves was announcing danger. But you bravely continued to face the days and nights of uncertainty. Your soul was, in fact, undaunted. Those desperate months, you survived and when the sun appeared over the horizon, you woke up. The rays reached you, your soul and body rejoiced. Your life was again visited by the sun. The darkness was over, the winter was transformed into heat, the wind abated, the wolves went to other lands. Can you feel the love spilled in your veins? That’s time of opportunity and a gift from the present.



3 thoughts on “Sun

    1. Thank you. My mind and body were in a bad state recently, and I needed to release it. Writing is always the best choice for me 🙂


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