Unbearably hot and stuffy, only a shadow is able to protect. In this scorching weather, I can’t do anything heavy and demanding, but my home is not the right place for relaxation and stress relief. Although nature is suffering in the same way as every living creature, we find understanding and hideout there. Then the sky and clouds bring further respite and safety. My boyfriend and I are sitting on a bench at the local pub. Trees, wood and smells of the forest provide a pleasant relaxation, which is after a while interrupted by thunder. Although I don’t love storms, after a small snack, we decide to go on the nearby ruins of the castle. As a little girl, I often wandered around, but I have never had the opportunity to overcome the fence and go in. However, I want to enjoy this first visit to national monument.


Fortunately, it isn’t far from our original position, and therefore the walk only takes a few steps. When we buy tickets, we have free access. My curiosity instantly switches to standby mode, because I don’t want to miss anything. Surroundings and stone walls attract our attention first, and then begins a passionate taking photos with camera. I’m out of luck this time, because my cell phone died in my backpack. But at least I can make memories with my eyes, which I consider more important than digital images. However, minor disappointment because of the absence of my assistant disappears when I see a wooden statue of Jan Hus itself.


I admire the art in different forms and I am very fascinated by people’s abilities to create something like that. Subsequently I discover a nearby board with basic information about the place and I also have a chance to see the plan whose vastness slightly surprises me. Suddenly, we hear another thunder in the distance, and I think about a warning at the entrance. “Climbing on the ruins at your own risk.” So no one really would mind if I walked on the stone walls like a white lady? Even before I give myself an answer, I stand on the wall and look down into the ditch.


The view is so much better, although I have the feeling that if I did just one more step forward, the gravity would carry out its precise job. However, my sanity and respect guard me. After a moment, my boyfriend joins me. He has the honour to capture the surrounding splendor, but then my insatiable curiosity and survey begin fullest.


I go slowly and carefully along the edge, sometimes I look down and finally arrive to an ancient well of immense depth. I have another chance to fall, but thank God that the upper opening is secured by grille and so I can lean forward more for better look. At the bottom is only small amount of water.


However, another thunder convince me that our time is limited and therefore my feet touch the ground again and I enter a small tunnel down the stairs. It isn’t too much to see here and so I go up and return on the edge of the walls. Walking along narrow ruins together with extensive view is pretty exciting 🙂


I also discover other beauties. Plants full of colors, shapes and scents which complete this nice and calming trip.

When I look around myself again, it is strange to have such an exceptional view from above. Arises me an opportunity to think about how things on earth may seem small. Like a nearby hut, which lacks its original size. Man is closer to the birds flying overhead, the crowns of tall trees whose tops reaches only someone, and the sky, which again warns us before the approaching storm.

My boyfriend and I stay here for a few more minutes before we conclude that it is reasonable to go home. But as always, I can’t leave with empty pocket and without a souvenir, even if I am not far from home. A small little thing makes me happy and will also decorate my room. Additionally, I don’t know if I ever come back. Therefore, I am taking with myself not only the memories, the taken photos, but also the piece to my growing collection 🙂

“The most beautiful things can be found occasionally much closer than it may seem.”

I believe I’ll see you next time and I want to wish you a wonderful day with a smile on your face 🙂



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