Details of the overall picture of reality or the surroundings itself. We can see tiny, almost insignificant things on ourselves too. The first gray hair in a black veil. Obnoxious and annoying pimple on the face. It can be basically anything what the mind can name with the words “little thing”. It only depends on our judgment and for everyone it means something else. But it is an integral part which can’t be ignored. But why I am talking about it today?

I like to observe all aspects of my life. I look everywhere and I shine when I notice a beetle on a flower. The gentle nuances passing quietly, no one can destroy them. Only the most observant people can find them with admiration and amazement. I think about the whole system and shake my head in disbelief when I see a beautiful butterfly in the middle of a meadow. Or a sweet and lovely gesture which will make my day. A small note showing that you are special for someone. Things uplifting relationship between two people on a higher and deeper level. An unexpected gift in the morning on the bed, or a child’s drawing. Do you recognize at least one case? 🙂 That’s good, because you are aware of the presence of exceptional little things which do our inner and outer world better. Unfortunately, rush and expectations sometimes cause that we don’t look at anything. Although then we lose the beauty and uniqueness of the moment. Try to stop sometimes and see that everything imperfect is basically perfect. However, every thing has its flaws.

Sometimes you can see the insidious devil waiting for his big chance. The mood is in the negative territory and the brain decides to take little things in another way. Almost like a spark igniting the bomb. And as you’ve probably also experienced, just a smidgen is enough and the whole conversation turns completely upside down. Then add the accumulated emotions and we can go downhill. The path is fast, bumpy and with lots of stones which you, partner or even someone from relatives throws ahead. An ordinary conversation can develop into a conflict or even into a fight of unprecedented proportions. The end may be diverse, but remains a relationship with cracks. When we subsequently calm down, we realize disgrace and shame. Why did we have to mention the constant delays or the mess in the clean and tidy apartment? Yet the most important thing is that we love each other. That illnesses avoid us and we are still together. Basic values emerge, issues recede into the background and we want to apologize. But the regret is reversible, because the other partner said also bad things. Perfectly we can get carried away by anger and rage, but these feelings subside and we will come back into balance. Where we live with others in harmony, peace and tranquility.

“They are small, tiny and almost invisible, but create the full and perfect image of our world.”

I believe I’ll see you next time and I want to wish you a wonderful day with a smile on your face 🙂



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