“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
– Albert Einstein

Who would argue with this famous physicist and author of the theory of relativity. However, someone may have question: “Isn’t this quote meaningless?” The fact that the received information are worth more than things which we ourselves created. I agree, because otherwise we can’t read, write and count. Driving a car or programing sites wouldn’t be possible. Everything we use on the intellectual level, we need to learn, otherwise we can’t survive in this world. However, the list of received experience and knowledge ends here. Why? You want to build a new house. You need some amount of money and some experts in the field who will make sure that building won’t fall on your head. But how big your house needs to be? Where will be the individual rooms? What furniture will be inside? Heating system, paints of the walls, flooring and other things, till you get the final form of your dream home.

I admit that this is a simple example, but honestly I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate 🙂 Anyway, I believe that you understand the principle which I have in mind. In case you don’t, I apologize for my inaccuracy 🙂 However, if you understand a little the questions above, you could see your imagination in action. Some of us can use it in unbelievable scale. Establishing a company from scratch or inventing a global project. Really big challenges, aren’t they? Who do you think is at the beginning? Glimmer of an idea which appears in your head, when you least expect it. You agree that it doesn’t sound so bad and you decide to go for it. There is the process of creating again dips into the logic and knowledge, you again need right plans and proposals. But what products to sell? What and for whom to produce? What topic would be correct? Imagination wants to speak again. When it gets to the surface, ideas flow from you even more than before. By the way, I know this process well, because writing is similar activity 🙂

Pity that some people fail to draw the final result on an invisible canvas. Others don’t see it as necessary. Although it is very important way for children in the early stages of life. Imagination helps our world to move forward. To fly through the air like a bird or to explore the universe and its being through telescopes. Such things seem ordinary, routine and uninteresting, but thanks to someone’s wild imagination, determination and perseverance, we can light up the room when it gets dark outside.

This amazing and freebies ability to develop virtually anything only within our brain cells is still very undervalued. It can go far beyond into the unknown corners, where limited knowledge doesn’t have an access and after the strenuous journey is lost in our forgetfulness. Underestimated power of imagination sometimes paralyzes mind and reasons. How such thing can exist… just close your eyes and feel the flow of fantasy 🙂



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