It’s 6am. I think about how my preparation will look like, minute by minute. “It will be differently anyway”, so I get up and start. First, the hair, then beautify my face, to pack up things needed for the night in the pension and then to get into apricot-orange dress. Curlers thankfully hold, eyeshadow look good, spare clothes along with hygiene aren’t even half of the storage space in the bag and luckily my figure in the dress looks acceptably 🙂 But shoes probably don’t want to be on my feet. I don’t have time to fix this complication, because nervousness and excitement are rising and I’m counting the last minutes to my boyfriend’s arrival. The plan is to go to the groom’s apartment with waiting refreshments and to help him with the preparations. When the driver arrives with a silver fiacre, I say goodbye to the rest of my family. Exceptional day is waiting on me.

The journey isn’t so long and we arrive in time, even after returning for sunglasses. We are dealing with sweet cakes, savory snacks, potato chips and other snacks. I would love to eat something, but when I know that much bigger amount of food is waiting for me after the ceremony, I must carefully think about every bite. Additionally, for me as a woman is the right choice of food much more important, so I refuse the groom’s urging with the note “I can not look like an orb in this dress”. Then after a while arrives the best man with his girlfriend and after mutual introduction occurs first problem. The groom’s shirt looks awful after unpacking. Like a crumpled rag. And because best man’s girlfriend knows what to do, she tries to rectify the caused damage. However steam iron, which it’s found in the groom closet, does more mischief than good. But after a long and very strenuous struggle, the shirt gets slick shape, according to my words “100% better”.

Clock is ticking slower than I expected, but when the rescuer of the shirt is ready with beautiful flowery dress, we go to a nearby apartment where the bride is preparing. Here I find out, that I can’t normally walk in my shoes. Embarrassingly, I walk down the street and do everything possible to not end on the pavement like a pancake. “Damn, why?” I ask out loud, because I am very frustrated. But since it is colder in summer than usual, those shoes just don’t want to keep on my feet. When we appear in front of our goal, I am so relieved that again for a while I will be free. Anyway, this problem must be solved as soon as possible.

We ring the bell and a debonair gentleman (father of the bride) opens. According the visible signs he knows why we are here. Then for the first time of that day, we see the bride. It always says that the bride should look ravishing, but believe me, this is too weak word. Hair neatly combed, gorgeous make-up and even more beautiful dress. Never mind that the bride has a few extra kilograms. It certainly doesn’t detract the overall impression. Here’s the subsequent introduction a little bit longer, but then I get a small blue-and-white adornment with flower, marking of the guest. After that we go back to the groom’s apartment, because I finally manage to devise workarounds with my awkward walk.

After another tense journey I dress nylons and I hope it will help. It’s not perfect and I am still angry a little, but there is a hint of improvement. Nonetheless 2pm is approaching and I am in boyfriend’s car together with relatives from the bride’s side. We are honored to be right behind groom’s car and a noisy journey to a town hall begins. Even though I am just a guest, I have a special feeling. It isn’t about the sound of klaxons, which draw attention almost everyone on the street, but especially the idea… Will I be in that last car, where the bride has the right to sit? Perhaps my prince is driving beside me. However such playing with ideas, visions and dreams is a distraction and I again focus on the reality and present.

The only blemish on the beautiful town square on this day is preparation for a jazz festival. A stage, musicians and more people than usual aren’t very nice background for photographs. But such planned events of similar size can’t be canceled and we must only adapt. Wedding day therefore continues, even though no one knows exactly where to park. When this problem is solved, it’s good be inside of the town hall. But walking on dice in those uncomfortable shoes is worse. Let’s say that none of those present guests and passers see it.

We enter the building and I notice how nervousness and excitement are in every person around me. Last minutes go by more slowly than before. But my constant watching at the clock is stopped when the rings are prepared and we are entering with the sounds of wedding music to the altar. I have the honor along with my boyfriend and Sonya (the important rescuer of the shirt) to sit in the first row. Everything is full of expectations. Then comes a nice dark-haired woman, whose name I forget at the same speed as you said it, but she is here to make this wedding official.

Suddenly is that special feeling in me again, but this time it doesn’t intervene in the situation. Rather, it adds intensity and rarity. Another similar thinking about the future, another playing with ideas and my dreams. Nonetheless, I hear the first “I do”, then the second “I do”. It is done. The entire process is completed with the exchange of rings and newlyweds kiss. It is like in a romantic movie, when the main protagonists after thorny and difficult road are finally together. Or like in a fairy tale where the prince saves the princess from captivity and as a reward she becomes his wife. Although this story is a little more modern, it’s something absolutely wonderful and unforgettable. Then comes the congratulations and I certainly don’t want to be left behind. When we throw rice after a few minutes later in front of the town hall as a sign of abundance, I am again in another world. In a world where true love exists 🙂

In the end of this story I will tell you, that hunger had to withstand up to 4pm, when we were given soup with dumplings and sirloin steaks with sauce. Both dishes were extremely delicious and staff of the pension was very kind. Shoes bothered me constantly until I pulled them off. I had painful blisters more than a week after the wedding. I wasn’t probably the real gem, but at least I fixed my reputation by catching the bouquet of the bride 🙂 So how is that tradition… Within a year and a day? 🙂 I am sorry, that I didn’t show you many pictures, but I wanted to enjoy this day without photographing.


“Marriage is real, when partner looks in the same direction as the other one.”

I believe I’ll see you next time and I want to wish you a wonderful day with a smile on your face 🙂




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