I long for privacy, especially with my partner. But almost every person in town wants to take advantage of public holiday and beautiful, hot weather, so filled parking lot discourages from beautiful relaxing place in the forest. The view from the window isn’t better, either. Noisy and active kids disrupting peaceful atmosphere of the nature. At first it seems that afternoon will be ruined after another unsuccessful idea. When we think about the alternative, it takes a while before my boyfriend comes with another suggestion. Objective is a few tens of minutes away, more precisely, in another city and after detailed description, he persuaded me once again. He gets the permission to go. Sometimes, I wonder if there’s something what he doesn’t know. Nonetheless, our trip from the asphalt parking lot towards the city of Bechyně starts.

This time, environment for me isn’t new. Endless and often repetitive journeys in a bus with a bag to school trained my memory perfectly, even when heat in the car is a bit annoying. “Nothing much has changed”, I am thinking quietly. We stop and I find myself in the not too big city. But the beauty of it is astonishing. The nearby park attracts to a peaceful space to sit in the shade and admiring the nature. And therefore we don’t wait and we find our own corner for resting. We could have been sitting there until evening, but unfortunately appears an army in the form of pesky mosquitoes. Another annoyance in the form of fresh itchy wounds is horrible, so we have to devise a backup plan. And as usual, my boyfriend / guide knows, where to go.


First it’s necessary to change the position, so we find ourselves on a large and beautiful square. My strong habit is to create another documentation. Photos flavored with a bit of history and modernism. “We can also cool down”, says partner’s voice. A fountain a few meters away catches my attention. If I wouldn’t have clothes, I threw myself into the big bath with water completely. However, even soaking is refreshing and satisfying, and because we are looking for breathtaking building, we leave the square.


When we see first signs of the palace, my curiosity is out of control again. Even though it has happened a few times, something so beautiful always amazes me. How this could be built? After a while, my digital companion is overheated , but I don’t care. Photo, photo, photo of every piece. I must have some memories 🙂 The sight on the river is another astonishing addition to a great and incredible mosaics, as well as an aviary with birds making loud sounds.


Eventually, we find a replacement place, and together we lie down on a blanket under a linden tree. Honestly, I feel like a lady of the manor, who wants to nap in her garden after a hearty meal. Or a princess having a date with future prince and their parents want to keep an eye on them? 🙂 I don’t know which option is correct, but I notice that there isn’t many people around us. I am confused, because who wouldn’t want to spend at least a few minutes at this magnificent palace. And would it be possible to go inside? The door to the courtyard is closed… but that’s not important. Finally we found a place for deserved rest, and I am cuddling even more with my boyfriend, because a year ago, I only dreamed of this.


And if you are asking, how the trip continued, I’ll tell you this only briefly. Amazingly spent time was interrupted by the arrival of a storm. However, we were already in a shop with souvenirs (yes, I can’t leave with an empty pocket) :), looking at rain drops creating ropes of water. Our trip was success and I’m just waiting, where we go next time.


“Live life to the fullest.”

I believe I’ll see you next time and I want to wish you a wonderful day with a smile on your face 🙂




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