Repetitive words, pictures and sometimes even situations. Good, bad, happy and sad. My head remembers almost everything what happened. Storing of past’s things is admirable process. Even after reading a book about brain, I don’t understand how something so complex functions. However, nature has arranged it very well and memories occur almost daily. Sometimes, we can tell brilliant and beautiful stories, but sometimes emerge such things which we would rather forget. Negative or frightening moments of sadness and loss. Just to take a shovel and bury them deep in the ground. Probably the only way to solve it, but when I tried it too, it didn’t help. The more it hits me on an emotional level (either positively or negatively), the more the reactions of my body are stronger and more vivid. I don’t know if it works in similar way for everyone, but I think that sometimes disgust or joy appear on your face, too.

I recently watched an old video from elementary school. In addition of laughing and puzzled expression because of the strange clothes and hairstyle, I am interested mainly in date. An incredible 8 years! And I feel it almost like yesterday. I see a snowy hill and my ski, which are dangerously separating from each other 🙂 Another fall, another snow on clothing, fortunately without bruises. But even so, I feel humiliation and shame. Then, to connect more and more pieces which create gradually the whole story. Moods, events or so-called “tops of the trip” 🙂 There are a few blind and deaf places when I can’t remember the individual parts. However, the most important is that I was able to move in time. “The period of puberty sometimes wasn’t so bad,” I think. When our mountain training is finished, my teleportation ends and I am back in the present moment. A little trip to school was fun, but as if my mind was bored, I begin to wander again.

This time, appears reason of why I shouldn’t trust people. Evidence of misuse of friendship. Yes, honesty and willingness don’t pay out sometimes. Especially in today’s world we encounter with something like that. You never know who will stab you with a dagger into the back, who will exploit you for their own benefit. Fortunately, humanity is not so “rotten”, that it is rule and although it may seem that your neighborhood is exception, just look the other direction. I did it and thank God for it, because otherwise I’d be drowning in fear to reveal my true nature. This proof becomes a negation of my “warning” memory, which quickly recedes into the background. “It’s not always so,” its other name. Whereupon my stomach makes weird noise, which is a signal for “Find some meal!” How incredible that my mind can switch so quickly, but at that moment it is definitely advantage 🙂

And so one sunny evening, my remembering ends. I didn’t come to some staggering denouement. But it is important to have all kinds of memories. As encouragement during difficult times, as a warning for the next acts, as a reminder of extraordinary things in our lives and as reunion with people who we can’t see again.

“Memories… unique and precious treasure which is only ours.”

I believe I’ll see you next time and I want to wish you a wonderful day with a smile on your face 🙂



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