Spontaneous idea. One of those which you must carry out almost immediately. Ideal weather, no tiring hot, no drops of sweat, to leave the noisy city, to take a break from work, to look on a new place. Many aspects of mutual agreement. Additionally, it all together sounds very tempting.

After a light lunch, we are heading to our goal. I look around, which I consider one of the biggest advantages of the passenger. Undulated landscape up and down as the waves of the sea, vast fields full of different colors. Sometimes my watchful eyes can see  a village in the distance whose name my boyfriend knows by heart as a Christmas song. With amazement I admire his sense of orientation, which I don’t have. Believe me, a map isn’t able to help me and GPS in my hands occasionally does something else than it should. However, I am impressed by the scenery and natural curiosity slumbering inside wants to the surface. Where is it? What is hiding there? Questions crop up more and more and I am almost shaking in my seat with excitement. Minutes go by I don’t know how and when we are approaching it, we take the wrong turn. Fortunately, it’s not that big diversion, and after some good driving skills of my partner on the narrow road, we find ourselves on the spot.


The atmosphere touches us in the car, but when we get out, we can feel the magic of the old days. On the hill stands the Borotín castle. Or rather what was left of it. Ruins straight out of a fairy tale, how people once lived. I am not waiting and every interesting piece is captured by my phone. Photos are gradually piling up a few seconds after arrival. I hope quietly that small memory card can handle the pressure. My boyfriend does the same thing, because each of us sees the object in different point of view.


Our survey starts. Fortunately, my beloved second half studied earlier and gives me detailed information about the history. I am told that the castle is in this condition thanks to people who used the material for their own purposes. When he points at the adjacent houses and buildings, I have to agree. The castle was a poor victim of looting. Then our steps are heading to the wooden statue of the White Lady. I love art and seeing something like this is truly beautiful. However, the desire to know more leads our exploring further.


We get into the basement, where my trust goes a little down along with the ambient temperature. Daylight illuminates some parts in dark, but sometimes I need to use mobile lighting under my feet. You never know, right? Plus the ground isn’t straight and some stones are like a trap for my toes. My guide is trying to calm me, that mainly food was here. I look around carefully with the assurance that nowhere is a piece of bone or skull. Don’t be surprised, but movies, series and documents with my vivid imagination are occasionally wild and unfair friends. But I can’t help. Two archaeologists are searching for something. Almost like in an adventure story, with the zero result though.


After a few minutes, we come again on the day light and notice a large pond under the ruins. “Strategic place needed some protection,” the voice reaches my ears. Another logical fact from the head of my specialist. But then it all melts away and we stop. The breathtaking landscape is enhanced by the nearby town of the same name. The peace and quiet clean us from stress and tension created during the week. What medicine is nature. Negative energy is lost, clean air is flowing in and we feel better than before. A certain kind of pleasing emptiness which you get when you release the unnecessary and annoying thoughts. Nothing is heard in the head, because the silence is transferred into you. Natural rind which we needed both.


At the end of our trip, we decide to buy some souvenirs. Each of us is taking a small piece which will remind us that we were here. Not only that. The physical piece has in itself something extraordinary. Feelings, memories and a story which can be used even many years later.

“Stop for a moment. Because if you listen, see and feel the beauty of nature, calmness and purity will become a part of you.”

I believe I’ll see you next time and I want to wish you a wonderful day with a smile on your face 🙂



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