A smile lasting for a mere moment can stay with you forever.

It isn’t known who said this quote, but it’s so much true. How simple, small and warm gesture smile can be. Everyone in the world is capable of it, but not everyone uses it. There is no reasonable limits. Not too little nor too much. Only stretching of facial muscles and charm of our personality appears in its full glory. If we show our teeth or just the corners of the lips slightly lift, it depends on individual choice, because different way suits different person. It depends on the situation too. Maybe there are more factors, but we know exactly what style we must show.

However, smile can take longer than a moment. The limits are unlimited here as well and for example, it may cause even uncomfortable cramps. But that must have been a big reason for such act. Anyway, I agree with the second part of the quote also. And why? It is perhaps the easiest and most personal gift, but the world lacks positive spark of this kind. Present tension and uncertain times? I really don’t know. Nonetheless, my opinion is that ordinary and pleasurable little sun of the day is capable of great things. Those which we can’t even imagine in our dreams. Meaningful help in difficult times, huge support before an important step or significant understanding of a complex problem. It’s lightening of desperate situation, pleasant friend’s hand offering the necessary source of energy and strength, an advice or an answer to an essential change.

The joy, which we show this way, is stored in the deepest well of feelings and emotions. Our heart then pulls these rare treasures, looks at their beauty and uniqueness, reminding us that goodness exists. Life would be then only a black and dull veil covering the powerful and industrious thinking. Even scientific researches confirm that an ordinary smile prolongs our stay here on planet Earth. Natural cure for fear, sadness and stress. Why should we use something artificial? Nonsense, when the smart nature has arranged it so well.

Smile and enjoy your life full of happiness. That is the only solution, how to spend your way calmly and positively.



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