Again. Another of many attempts failed. It has been continuing for nearly a month. No offer, no answer and if there a hint of hope, it quickly fades into obscurity, almost like a morning mist. Bowed head, drooping cheeks and the feeling of disappointment are stronger than the last time. Motivation is losing strength and only God knows if there is still a seed which would grow up like a tall and strong tree full of sweet and tasty fruits. This idea looks gorgeous and so I close my eyes. The scent of fresh berries reaching my olfactory cells. Enticing reward. “The best,” I think. It becomes more vivid and I can see the results of my hard and strenuous work. The joy, the happiness fills me. I want to immerse into another task. However, after returning to reality… it’s different. The gloom grasps me again.

The similar situation which has experienced almost everyone. At least once in life. It is not easy to cope with all those negative thoughts. “I am a zero, a loser, nothing. I have no talent.” Probably the most common types of sentences which inject poison into our confidence. They don’t make it subtly or softly. It is an aggressive virus. From small size it begins to multiply and reproduce, gaining in volume and size. Wanting to dominate the other organs, including the most important one. Our brain will believe anything if we are not careful. Because then we have to intervene, otherwise it will be too late for resurrection. Destruction is easy, but building takes much longer. Hard drudgery, complexity and sometimes willy-nilly, we start from scratch. It is possible to fix the damage, but isn’t better to solve the problem already at the start?

Something similar fly through my head and I receive a helper. A very thin and wooden beam supports the whole building and it seems that at any moment can burst. The entire house would fall to the ground, but then it is gradually added more and more. Suddenly there is a firm and solid construction. I feel better. I think about new and different ideas how to achieve it. Even when this support is tested by the wind “But what if…?”, it holds.

Failure. The ruthless and hard expression which is difficult to overlook. However, we don’t need to repudiate it, because it exists. We can use it as a unique feedback “There is still room for improvement”. Let’s take it as a challenge “I am not afraid of you and I can manage it”. Our new motivation “I will fulfill my dreams and you can not stop me”. Because if we continue doing what we love, the word “failure” will change one day. We will open another and yet unknown world called “Success”. And when we look back, we can be proud of ourselves. For perseverance, militancy and determination which gave us the strength to overcome it all and made our life amazing and beautiful.

“Failure is just another step towards success.”

I believe I’ll see you next time and I want to wish you a wonderful day with a smile on your face 🙂





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